Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cameron Park Zoo

This past weekend we drove up to Waco for the day. After touring the Dr. Pepper Museum, we spent the afternoon at the Cameron Park Zoo.

It's impressive. We saw Mr. Bear, with his many vulture friends.

The aquatic tanks were a big draw for Jackson and Olivia. This time I opted to skip photographing the moray eel, to prevent future nightmares.

Interactive exhibits are always the most fun for little visitors.

Gentle buffalo.

Creepy yet awesome owls.

Capybara, I don't know how to describe you, other than calling you a freakishly oversized guinea pig, but I love you!

The komodo dragon, with its poor dental hygiene. (I learned from a nature show that their mouths are cesspools of bacteria, and that is why their bite is so deadly.)

After all that fun, I got up and made brunch the next morning. The Mediterranean tofu scramble was a tester for Kristy.

I served it with Isa Does It's amazing fluffy pancakes topped with fresh strawberries and maple syrup, and home fries with Follow Your Heart horseradish sauce.

And then we brushed our teeth really well, because we're not komodo dragons

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