Monday, January 21, 2013

Camp Mabry

Today I took the kids to Camp Mabry, a military base here in Austin.
"Kid-friendly" isn't the first term I'd normally associate with "military base," but Camp Mabry really is. There are a number of jets and helicopters, situated in an open field that's ideal for little legs to run and stretch.

There's also the Texas Military Forces Museum, a modest but informative museum that contains still more military vehicles. Most are roped off, display-only.

But there is one jet that kids are welcome to climb into, and of course this was a big hit with Jackson and Olivia.

They also had fun "cooking" in the mess truck.

A final stop at the tank display just outside the museum.

For dinner we had Greek food, courtesy of Tino's.  I ordered the veggie plate, which comes with five choices. I went with a Greek salad, stewed lima beans (yummm), hummus, falafel patty, and spanakopita.

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