Monday, January 28, 2013

Elephant Brunch

The circus was recently in down, and while we did not shell out the big bucks to attend (I have mixed feelings about circuses), I took Jackson and Olivia to a midday elephant feeding on the circus grounds. When we arrived, four elephants were lined up in a row, with tables full of fruit before them. There was a big crowd, so the kids took turns on my shoulders, craning to get a good view.
 They were pretty amazed at the elephants' method of selecting a piece of fruit with their long trunks, which they used to transport the fruit to their mouths.
After they had eaten their fill, the elephants formed a single-file line, linking tails and trunks, and made their way back indoors.
Jackson and Olivia noted that there was some fruit left on the tables and asked if we could eat it. But I chose to take them home and make them a lunch that was free of elephant slobber. We had Babe's Bocadillos from The 30-Minute Vegan's Taste of Europe. These simple sandwiches feature marinated, baked tofu that has a sweet, smoky flavor. Very nice.



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