Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Appetite for Awesome Food

After the "holiday indulgence" (i.e. constantly stuffing food in my face) of November and December, January is a time to scale it down a bit. But, I refuse to exist on iceberg lettuce and yogurt. Here a couple of this week's dinners, both from Appetite for Reduction.

Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili. This is my new go-to chili recipe. The flavor is spot-on and I love that it contains way more vegetables than your standard chili. Hello, corn, carrots, green pepper and zucchini! Get in my tummy now. As I'm allergic to black beans, I substituted chickpeas. The Fresh Corn & Scallion Cornbread was a perfect accompaniment.

Lasagna with Roasted Cauliflower & Spinach. Again, amazing flavor. Making your own sauce instead of using store-bought makes all the difference, and it takes only a few seconds to stir garlic and spices into a can of crushed tomatoes.


The spinach goes in raw, absorbs the sauce while the lasagna cooks, and turns all velvety and yum.

Blackberries are certainly light and healthy, as well as being cheap this time of year. Which makes a certain little girl very happy!

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