Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Vegan Fusion Testers

Here are a couple more tester recipes I made this week for Joni Marie Newman's upcoming vegan fusion cookbook. First, Baked Avocado Fries with Cilantro Chili Lime Sauce. Panko breadcrumbs make for a crunchy exterior on these tasty little appetizers.

I had Olivia's help on the next one. She has become quite the little sous-chef. Every time I go into the kitchen to start cooking, she trails after me and requests that I get her step-stool so she can assist.

Coconut Curry Pea and Potato Chowder. The ingredient that makes it special is homemade curry powder! I'd never made my own before. All of us liked this one, especially Tony who has a cold. He said it was just what he needed to fight those germs!


  1. I need an Olivia! What a cute little helper :)

  2. Were the avocado fries well seasoned and tasty? I made some using a Pinterest recipe, but even doubling the spices wasn't enough to taste them over the avocado flavor. It's such a great idea though.

    1. I can't say the spices were super noticeable, but I love the flavor of avocado, so I guess I didn't mind :)