Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Over the weekend, we headed down to San Marcos for a tour of Aquarena Springs. Once an aquatic amusement park complete with mermaids and a swimming pig, it's now home to a modest museum that shows the history of the springs...

...including some of its creepiest inhabitants.

The shell of a Texas river cooter...yes, I had to take this picture because I am twelve.

Whoever invented the penny cyclone is a genius who knows how to entertain children for minutes on end.

Once we used up all our pennies, we headed down to the dock and boarded the glass bottom boat for a tour of the springs.

Remnants of the old amusement park line the shore.

But the true scenery is all underwater.

Bubbling sand, tiny fish, and turtles everywhere!

The boat tour was half an hour, just the right amount of time to entertain Jackson and Olivia without any maritime shenanigans. Afterwards we stopped for dinner at Souper Salad. Cheap, fairly healthy (vegan cornbread!), and the kids love it because they offer unlimited quantities of chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, and olives. Finger food heaven.

In other news, my first batch of kombucha is underway! I brewed the tea and added the scoby. Now it must feed!


  1. Hi Sara, just wanted to thank you for this post. I live in Torino, Italy and reading posts like this one is a quick and incredible effective way to travel so faraway places just like that. :) Thanks!

    1. Franco, thanks for stopping by! I like to travel vicariously by reading about other people's adventures, too. Glad you enjoyed the post.