Friday, November 8, 2013

Fredericksburg Finds

Today we met up with my parents in Fredericksburg for a little shopping. Our first stop was the toy store, where my little rockers laid down some beats.

Next we wandered into an old-timey dime store that contained everything under the sun. Have you been needing rattlesnake eggs? They will hook you up.

Jesus pencil sharpener? Here you go.

Instant devil costume? Check.

Creepy tea set? They got it.

Actually, I'm pretty excited about my finds (not from the dime store). I try not to be too obsessed with owls, but they are one of my favorite creepy/cute animals, right up there with sloths, stingrays, and Boston Terriers. So this little serving stand caught my eye and I couldn't seem to put it down. I also found a neat Dia de los Muertos cigar box, which I'll use to store my perfume oil collection.

We stopped at Serrano's for dinner on the way home. Christmas enchiladas again!


  1. "I will become your good friend soon." Not creepy at all.

  2. I love eclectic stores like that. :-)