Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Isa Does It So Well

We had a nice morning at the park with friends. Olivia is getting old enough where she seeks out other little girls to play with, instead of following big brother around everywhere. It's cute, watching her make friends of her own.

Jackson is just this giant kid now. Ropes course? No problem!

Ice cream peddler.

I've been trying out some recipes from Isa Moskowitz's newest, Isa Does It. So far, Isa is batting 1000.  You know how sometimes you try a recipe and it's bland, or it needs a little something? Isa's recipes are the opposite of that. It feels silly to use the phrase "bursting with flavor" but that's really how I feel about all her cookbooks.

Cucumber Ranch Bowl with Breaded Tofu. A bit time-consuming but you can prepare the components in advance, as I did. Make the rice, blend up the cucumber ranch dressing, steam the broccoli. Finally, saute that lovely breaded tofu and put it all together.

Jackson and Olivia liked it, too.

Edamame Hummus and Tofu Wraps. The wasabi-spiced edamame hummus is magnificent on its own. In a wrap with marinated tofu and broccoli slaw, it's even better. Actually, the recipe called for sprouts, but I couldn't find sprouts at the store, and I'd been wanting to try broccoli slaw, so the switch was made.

Butternut Bisque with a Coconut Swirl. So thick and rich, and thankfully, no butternut peeling involved. Just quarter the thing and roast it. That's my kind of thinking. I tried to make a spider web with the coconut milk to keep it seasonal.

Can't wait to make more from this book, and I'll share it with you when I do. If you have a favorite from it, let me know!

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