Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steeping Room

This morning we attended storytime at the bookstore.

It was a Star Wars-themed storytime, so my young Jedis paid close attention.

Next up, lunch at an Austin restaurant I've wanted to try for ages -- the Steeping Room. I had a hard time convincing Tony to go there. He seemed to think the menu would be nothing but cucumber sandwiches and other dainty lady food. Actually, their food is pretty substantial (which is good, because I'm not a very dainty lady.) 

At the suggestion of the Red Hot Vegans, I ordered the vegan TBLT -- tofu, tempeh bacon, lettuce and tomato -- with a vegan cashew Caesar salad on the side. I stopped talking for several minutes while I stuffed my face with this sandwich. It was kinda falling apart, which made me wish I'd ordered it on a ciabatta roll instead of the less mighty wheat toast. But still. Dude. What a sandwich. The salad didn't blow me away, but you's salad.

Tony had the Buddha bowl with tempeh, lentils, red rice, greens, and sweet potato, with cashew dressing. He liked it, but said it didn't keep him full for a long time.

We also ordered a Mediterranean plate to pick at -- dolmas, olives, hummus, big squares of feta, and flatbread.

Jackson and Olivia had grilled cheese sandwiches, which came with apple slices.

The blueberry iced tea was a no-brainer for the kids. If it's blue, they want it.

I had a pot of lemon vanilla white tea, very fragrant.

I also grabbed a slice of lemon-lavender bundt cake to take home and nibble on over the next couple of days. It was just chock full of bright lemon flavor, adorned with a thick layer of lemony icing.

Couldn't ask for a better lunch, and I just learned that kids eat free on Fridays, which gives us even more incentive to return soon.

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