Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wonderful Wasota

Saturday afternoon, we headed down south to enjoy an outdoor lunch at the Wasota African Cuisine trailer.

I cooled off with a hibiscus iced tea.

The four of us shared two giant plates of food. The servings are so generous, we actually took home leftovers. We ordered the V1 platter which came with akara (bean patties which taste kind of like hush puppies), jollof rice, plantains, and spinach, all liberally covered in spicy tomato sauce.

We also had the V14, which included more spinach, jollof rice, black-eyed peas, and kelewele (caramelized plantains), again covered in the same tomato sauce. So the two plates were very similar, but with slightly different offerings.

We remembered enjoying these particular dishes before, so we ordered them again. But next time we'll branch out. There's a veggie burger that I want to try, as well as some intriguing-sounding soups. 

The trailer next door was selling fresh fruit and veggie juices. I had to ask the proprietor if the cricket powder was made with real crickets. He assured me that crickets are the food wave of the future and taste like chocolate. I will take his word for it!

After lunch, we tried to attend the Dia de los Muertos parade downtown, as we do every year. But we got stuck in traffic and missed it. We could see the parade going down 6th street as we were still driving around looking for parking! Fortunately, we had another fun activity to attend Saturday evening.

The Goblin Glow festival is held at a park out in Lakeway, about 45 minutes away. We were worried that the kids might fall asleep in the car and then be up all night, but that did not happen. 

We hit the kettle corn tent first thing.

Then we found a seat on the grass and watched as several hot air balloons lit up, each in turn, and sometimes all at once. There was a DJ playing 80's music, and it was a pretty big crowd. We wondered if the balloons would launch, before coming to the conclusion that it would probably be super dangerous to try to fly a hot air balloon at night. So we enjoyed the glow and the popcorn, and headed back home. 

It's pretty rare that we take the kids out at night, and we let them wear their Halloween costumes, a full two weeks before Halloween, which was a big deal. So it was a fairly exciting evening for our Hulk and Rapunzel.

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