Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wasota African Cuisine

After spending the morning at the Renegade Craft Fair awhile back, I met up with Tony and the kids for lunch at Wasota African Cuisine. The Yelp reviews mentioned long-ish waits, totally understandable since it's one dude cooking food by himself in a trailer. So I thought there'd be a lot of this...

But actually, our food arrived quickly! The gentleman cooking our food explained that he is from Nigeria, so he offers some Nigerian dishes, but the menu includes foods from many west African countries. I am embarrassed to say I don't know my African geography, and the only African food I'd previously eaten was Ethiopian. After consulting a map, I learned that Ethiopia is on the other side of the continent. That probably explains why our lunch bore little resemblance to Ethiopian food. It is its own thing. And it's awesome!

Wasota offers a ton of vegan options. We tried three different platters. The first came with jollof rice, fritters (tasted like hush puppies), and sauteed plantains, topped with tomato sauce.

The second was black-eyed peas and plantains, again with the tomato sauce. The sauce isn't spicy, it's just very...tomatoe-y. And super good! 

The final dish we shared contained more jollof rice, mixed veggies in a garlic sauce, and caramelized plantains. The caramelized plantains were my favorite out of everything I tasted devoured. But really, it was all fantastic. Can't wait to return!

While we waited for the kids to finish eating, I showed off a couple of items I picked up at the fair. Magic Unicorn salt from Beautiful Briny Sea. How bad can that be, right? It's smoky, garlicky...I'll be using this on everything from potatoes to pizza.

Also, this happened. Yes folks, Guinness jelly, from Naked Goat Farm. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I couldn't pass up something this unique.

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