Monday, June 17, 2013

First Swim

Last summer, I was super nervous about taking the kids swimming by myself. Olivia was terrified of water and clung tightly to me, and Jackson was a daredevil who hadn't taken a swim lesson. Today, when my friend Amy invited us to hang out at her pool, I learned that much has changed in a year.  And I'm thrilled about that. I love to be in the pool, and it looks like my kids -- a little more confident, a little more skilled than last year -- are part fish, as well.

For dinner we had leftover pasta salad and Big Ben's Lentil Burgers from How It All Vegan. These burgers, they sounded so good! Alas, they didn't work out for me. Way too dry and crumbly. Still, when I smushed them onto a bun and doused them in mustard, Veganaise, and pickles, they didn't taste half bad.

Basil, cherry tomatoes, and okra are currently flourishing in the garden. Okra flowers are gorgeous! I had no idea.

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