Thursday, June 6, 2013

Z'Tejas Date Night

Tony and I had a rare and much-appreciate date night last night. We decided to try Z'Tejas. It's a local chain and there's one minutes from our house, so off we went. 

There's only one way to start off a date night at a Tex-Mex restaurant -- with a frosty frozen margarita, rimmed in salt. 

Chips came with three kinds of salsa, all tasty.

Complimentary cornbread was so sweet and buttery, it was almost like a cake!

I had the wild mushroom enchiladas, served with mango guacamole. Instead of the usual rice and beans, I ordered steamed seasonal veggies on the side. "Seasonal veggies" translated as "mostly green beans," which made this girl happy. The whole meal was delicious. Lots of fresh, light flavors and I didn't feel all weighed down by meal's end.

Olivia is a little under the weather today, so we are having a quiet morning, watching TV and drinking Gatorade.

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  1. Looks mu bueno. You might want to pop over to me blog...hint, hint. Adios, amiga.