Friday, June 21, 2013

JuiceLand @ Spiderhouse Cafe

Another morning was spent having fun at the splash pad. 

Olivia loves the water. She stays in for so long that the skin on her fingers and toes get all shriveled.

Jackson prefers to take a quick dip, then move on to the playground.

Afterwards, we visited a place called Spiderhouse Cafe for the first time, were we were welcomed by a half-girl, half-griffin sculpture. This clues you in to what the Spiderhouse's decor will be like.

There was kitschy art and random junk displayed everywhere. I loved it. It's very eclectic and very "Austin." 

Two pianos...why not.

Even the bathroom mirror was decorated.

The little boy peeing into a bathtub was Jackson and Olivia's hands-down favorite. Naturally.

We ordered smoothies from the JuiceLand annex. Spiderhouse serves its own food, mostly sandwiches and breakfast tacos, but there are several little food counters and shops set up on the grounds, offering a variety of dining options. Besides JuiceLand, I noticed a creperie, a Japanese takoyaki bus, a t-shirt shop, and I believe there was even a tattoo parlor.

The kids both requested "strawberry" smoothies. I got Jackson a Home Run with strawberry, banana and apple juice. Olivia had a Berry White, with strawberry, raspberry and pineapple juice. I went with the Vegetable Kingdom, pictured below: carrot, beet, spinach, lemon, mango, cherry, spirulina, apple juice. 

And there's Olivia in the background, still hypnotized by the urinating marble toddler.

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