Friday, October 3, 2014

Maoz Again

It feels like I was just talking about Maoz. I returned today with Olivia, as we met my friend Tara and her son for lunch at the Triangle playground. This time I went for the falafel salad, since the Red Hot Vegans made it sound so awesome. And it was! You can barely see the greens in this giant bowl because A. okay, there really weren't many greens and B. they're totally covered in goodness from the fixins bar.  Pickles, green olives, chimichurri sauce, tahini sauce, and that amazing fried broccoli. I was nervous when placing my order...they'd just opened and there was no broccoli to be seen. Fortunately, by the time my order was ready, a fresh basket of broccoli was waiting for me on the fixins bar.

Afterwards, we stopped by HEB. I noticed some new soups, on sale for $.99 each. They're served cold, so you can drink them out of these little cans on the go, if you so desire. I had the cucumber mint one for an afternoon snack, and it was light and refreshing and had something like 12 calories, insanely low. I don't think I would pay more than $.99 for them, though, since they are teeny tiny!

I accompanied the soup with more liquids, in the form of this Turmeric Elixir of Life matcha tea drink. I love matcha, and the turmeric and cardamom flavors made me feel so chill, like I had just finished a super relaxing yoga class.

Jackson learned about the five senses at school. We are big on taste around here, but they're all pretty important.

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