Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two Little Firefighters

This morning,while the kids were still finishing their cereal, I started caramelizing some onions. I let them go for a full hour until they were brown and practically falling apart.

I used them to make a savory bread from Vegetarian Times. It's chock-full of caramelized onions, walnuts, and spinach.  It was so good! I pureed the remaining onions to use as a spread.

Tony got off work a little early and we went to Pease Park. He showed Jackson and Olivia how to slide down the pole. "I'm a firefighter!" was a phrase we heard many, many times. 

This evening I made smoothies with frozen bananas and blueberries, spinach, flax milk, vanilla, chocolate hemp protein powder, and stevia. This is the best smoothie combo I've come up with yet. I served it to the kids in bowls and they thought it was chocolate ice cream.

I wrote before about trying the Whole Foods 365 flax milk and finding it too watery, but I'm glad I  decided to try a different brand before writing off flax milk altogether. This Good Karma flax milk has a much better consistency -- nice and creamy.

Have a lovely day! We are keeping our fingers crossed for storms this afternoon. It's already mid-June and it hasn't gotten unbearably hot yet. More rain will keep things nice and cool!


  1. That bread looks really delicious and yummy. I am slightly jealous that Austin has been getting more storms than over here in Houston.

  2. So they're now called 'Firefighters' instead of 'Firemen'? That is good to know.

    The bread does look interesting. You ate it as a snack?

    1. yeah, just as a snack, or light lunch with some fruit. it would be good for dinner along with a big salad.

  3. those onions look outrageously delicious! and that bread! --- swoon! and how fun! i bet your kids had a blast at the park:) thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh yum. That bread . . . i'm inspired!

  5. I found your comment about Good Karma flax milk being "nice and creamy" to be interesting. Have you tried the "original" (unsweetened) or just the vanilla? Because the original has the EXACT consistency of water. I was shocked when I poured it for the first time. It's better than nothing on my oatmeal, and it works okay in smoothies, but I definitely prefer the creamier consistency of almond milk or soy milk (sadly, I'm avoiding soy milk after being cautioned by my naturopath that unfermented soy products may be unhealthy to ingest on a regular basis; I have always loved soy milk and edamame. boo).