Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trying a New Cookbook

Most of the time when I buy a new cookbook, I'm too impatient to just try one recipe from it.  Instead, I'll pick out a bunch of recipes that seem like they could go together, and cook up a little feast. That's what I did with my latest purchase, Quick and Easy Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food.  I've gotten a lot of use out of Alicia C. Simpson's other two cookbooks, so I had this one on my wishlist for awhile. It hasn't disappointed!

The Spicy Kale Slaw is a wonderful way to enjoy kale in its raw state. The creamy soy yogurt dressing softens the kale somewhat. I really enjoyed the texture, as well as the flavor. It is quite spicy, as the name suggests, but there are also bursts of sweetness from the golden raisins scattered throughout.

The Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad is simple and delicious. The dressing, made from flax oil, red wine vinegar, and Dijon mustard, is light enough to allow the potatoes' own flavor to be the real star.

I wasn't sure about the Corn Pudding recipe. I've never seen a corn pudding that didn't have cornmeal in it, to make it substantial. As I poured this pudding into the baking dish, I thought, "This is way too gooey!" In fact, I had to bake it for twice as long as the recipe stated. But after I let it cool, it did firm up nicely. Wonderful flavor -- tastes rich, even though it isn't.

Can't wait to try more from this cookbook. I'm especially looking forward to the Lavender Pancakes!


  1. The kale slaw looks especially good!

    I've only had corn pudding once and it wasn't too bad. Great meal that you made!

  2. oh my gosh that corn pudding looks amazing! yum!! i love sweet corn at this time of year. Thank for sharing!

  3. What a great looking meal! That corn pudding looks so delicious! I've never had corn pudding before and I'm so curious about it now! Looks like a great meal :)