Thursday, June 7, 2012

Avocados and Tanks

We recently had a pleasant brunch at Zandunga in East Austin. I was impressed by both the bountiful herb garden out front, and the unique wooden menus. That's right, they are made out of wood. 

We started out with chips and tasty salsa.

I ordered the Aguacate Relleno -- an avocado stuffed with corn and zucchini and topped with red sauce. I misread the menu and thought I would get a chile relleno filled with avocado. So when this whole avocado showed up on my plate, I was like, "Whoa? What's this? Well...OK, this is kinda awesome, actually!" I do love my avocado. So it all worked out. The cilantro rice was remarkably good, too.

After a nap, Tony took Jackson to a special World War II battle re-eneactment at Camp Mabry. We thought that Jackson, being a 3-year-old boy, would really dig the tanks and explosions, and we were correct.

According to Jackson, the man gave a talk...

...and the tanks blew stuff up!

After the demonstration, the kids got to climb in the vehicles...

Little feet barely reach the pedals, but he doesn't let that stop him.

In summary, a tasty brunch, and a fun daddy/son outing. (Olivia and I went grocery shopping during this time, but that's not really blog-worthy, is it?)


  1. Very cool menus and your meal looks great!

    I can just imagine how much fun the re-enactment was for Jackson. Fun!

  2. Your meal looks so good! I'm such a sucker for avocados!

    Jackson is such a cutie! Great photos!