Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Good Balance

Today I took the kids to a splash pad for some fun and sun.

We also had "school time," practicing their letters. I'm not sure why they think school involves standing on the table, but...whatever helps them learn?

I'm going on two and a half years now as a stay-at-home mom, and I think I've finally reached a good balance. A balance of outings with friends and family time. A balance of crazy physical activity and quiet learning moments. 

And, a balance in our diets, as well. As longtime readers know, I was vegan for a year and a half before returning to my lifelong vegetarian ways a few months ago. It's working for us. Sometimes, we have margharita pizza...with plenty of cheese.

Many nights, however, I still cook vegan.  Most of my cookbooks are vegan, and I love trying out new recipes, like Hayley and Ian's Peanut Butter Pasta from Garden of Vegan.

Still, I'm happy with the vegetarian label. Veganism was an interesting experiment, but a difficult one for me personally because my husband isn't vegan. While he's always complimented my cooking, he's happier now that I'm including cheese and eggs from time to time. He knows I'm never going to cook him a steak, but he's okay with that. It's our compromise. As in all things in life, it feels good to find a balance.


  1. Haha I love that the kids are standing on the table! So cute! You definitely need to go with what feels right for you. Your meals always look great :) The peanut butter pasta sounds so interesting! Great post :)

  2. school time sounds like fun! they're so cute, standing on the table! love it! I'm glad you've found a balance in all areas of life. I'm a vegan that eats eggs and fish -- you've gotta do what 's right for you:) thanks for sharing! and that pizza looks DELICIOUS!

  3. Ha! My daughter used to stand on the table too! Love it! I'm glad you have found the right balance. I guess I have too. I've decided that "vegan, dabbling in macrobiotics" might be a good label for what I'm doing, which basically means vegan plus fish sometimes. Basically, I just eat what my body wants. It feels healthiest this way. Keep up the good work!

  4. I can imagine it must be tough to be in a relationship where dietary choices are so different. My sister is veg and her fiance is not. They don't have any children and aren't going to so it makes it easier, but still difficult at times. So glad you found a balance that works for you.

  5. Even though I cook a lot of vegan food, I can't call myself a true vegan. It is very hard to live in a "mixed" household, especially when the partner vehemently opposes your choices. Glad you found a way to have peace!