Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farmer's Market and Fredericksburg

Saturday was a busy day for us. First, while Tony and Olivia slept in, Jackson and I headed out bright and early for the downtown farmer's market.

We got there just as the market opened, before the booths were picked over.  I loved having first pick of all the fresh veggies. We did a lap around the perimeter and then we were ready for a snack.

Mini-cupcakes from the Happy Vegan Baker. Jackson chose chocolate. I had peach. Yum.

After his treat, Jackson had plenty of energy to build a fort. So cool that they have activities like this for the little ones to entertain themselves.

Here's what I came home with: 2 purple bell peppers, a tomato, green beans, and a selection of zucchini and summer squash. We also received some free seed packets and some toasted hempseed samples that I'll throw on my next salad.

By the time Jackson and I got home, Tony and Olivia were up and around, and we decided to take a trip to Fredericksburg, a touristy, historic little town about an hour from Austin.

We walked up and down Main Street, taking in the nearly hundred-year-old buildings.

This one predominantly featured and elephant. Not sure why, but it was cute.

The old hospital has been repurposed as a kitchen supply store and wine tasting room.

Many of the shops aren't kid-friendly -- crammed full of easily-breakable merchandise that would be too tempting for little hands -- so we mostly window-shopped.

The kids loved the toy store, with its inviting little playhouse out front.

Our favorite part of any Fredericksburg visit is a stop at Rustlin' Rob's. They specialize in salsas, jellies, and all manner of dips and sauces. And you can sample everything in the store.

Pumpkin butter! Don't mind if I do!

It just goes on and on.

There's an entire back room devoted to hot sauces. Tony likes to challenge himself here. Today, he took on the ghost pepper. He gulped down two bottles of water afterward. Luckily, the knowing staff keeps a stocked cooler nearby.

What I left with -- artichoke pasta sauce and a roasted garlic dip mix. Can't wait to eat these up.

On our way home from Fredericksburg, we stopped for dinner at Rockin' Tomato. This punk rock pizza parlor is a longtime favorite of mine. It's right up there with Home Slice. I always hit the salad bar first.

Margherita pizza with tons of fresh basil. I'm pretty sure I sighed in admiration when it was brought to the table. It's just so beautiful, haha. But not too beautiful to eat!

I am off to Jackson's school to watch the staff's children while they have a meeting. Have a great day!

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