Friday, June 1, 2012

Boggy Creek Farm

Awhile back, we visited Boggy Creek Farm in East Austin. It's where I bought those tasty green tomatoes.

By the time we arrived at the farm around 11 a.m., after Jackson's tumbling class, the offerings were pretty picked over. I'll have to get there early next time, so I can take my pick of everything the farm stand has to offer.

There were some toy trucks laying around for the kids to play with.

Jackson and Olivia loved seeing the chickens...

But they loved the tractors more.

We walked around a bit more, working up an appetite.

Then we met some friends for lunch at a nearby food trailer park. We loved our spinach mushroom empanadas from the Mmmpanadas trailer. And I loved, loved, loved the lemon dipping sauce! The empanadas were good, but the sauce made them seriously awesome.  

Doing anything fun this weekend? Have a good one!

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  1. wow looks like a fun day! what a neat farm! i bet your kids love it! and those empanadas look soooo delicious! have a great weekend!