Friday, June 8, 2012

Elevate Me Later

This morning I made Olivia a sensory bag. It's pretty easy. You just squirt a bunch of hair gel into a ziploc bag, add food coloring, stir it around, and seal it up. It's fun for little ones to poke and squish. They can also practice tracing letters on it.  

Olivia thought it was neat. I'd love to make a giant sensory bag for the backyard. Doesn't that look fun? Maybe some day!

Later we went to a playground. Jackson said he needed to climb to the very top of the bars so he could get a good view of everything. He stayed up there for quite awhile.

Jackson wasn't the only one seeking higher elevation.

Before coming home, we stopped at Polvo's. I had my usual, avocado salad. Their new location in North Austin needs to work out some kinks with their service, but the food was great as always.

Any big plans for the weekend? Have a good one!


  1. you are such a good mom! always taking your precious kids to fun and interesting places, and making cool play things like those sensory bags! how cool!! thanks for sharing!

  2. How fun!! Love all of the family pics and the salad looks so yummy! I agree with Caralyn, Jackson and Olivia are very lucky to have such a great mom! You guys do the most fun stuff!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Polvos has the best salsa. Yum. And Olivia is beautiful. I love the pleasant summer we are having here so far. I hope we don't have a drought and fires like last summer. It was awful.

  4. That sensory bag is a good idea. I'm going to try to put one together like that at work. Thanks for sharing!