Monday, January 17, 2011

Urban Vegan Tester #9 - Tanzanian Curried Chickpea-Banana Soup

For today's lunch I made this soup from the Urban Vegan's upcoming cookbook.  Tony loved its super spicy, coconut-tinged broth.  Personally, I liked that it features bananas. 

Bananas in soup? Yes! I'm not familiar with Tanzanian cuisine, but I've enjoyed plantains (which are similar to bananas) in Latin American or Caribbean dishes. They provide just a little sweetness and creaminess that provides a nice contrast to the intense heat. That's the role the bananas play here. And it definitely works!


  1. Interesting...Well I would give it a shot! I love plantains and I am part mexican & puerto rican :) I would probably like it!

  2. Bananas in a soup? That is very interesting! I kind of like that idea. I bet it add a nice richness to the dish.