Saturday, January 8, 2011

Technologically Challenged

I'm back -- hopefully my camera issues are on their way to being worked out. This week I learned that my nearly 10-year-old digital camera was not compatible with my new computer. The solution: buy an item called a card reader. It snowed all day yesterday and I didn't feel like taking the babies out on the icy roads to track down this item.  But the weather was much better today, so now I have my card reader (as well as a new printer, because my old one was also incompatible.)

Now, instead of loading the pics directly from the camera, I take the memory card out of the camera, insert it in the card reader, and load them from there. I lost several pics while figuring it out, but I think I know what my error was, so hopefully I won't lose anymore. I'm annoyed that technology becomes obsolete so quickly. My printer was only five years old and worked just fine and my camera, although ancient, is also in good condition, so why spend more money on new stuff?  But at least the card reader was only $15...a lot cheaper than buying a new camera, which was my other option.

Anyway, after making the necessary technology purchases, I decided I needed some retail therapy --buying something I wanted rather than something I needed! So we headed to the nearest Lush store at the mall over in Danbury.

Now, if you know anything about Lush, you are probably thinking, "This girl is complaining about spending money but she can afford Lush?" Their products are a wee bit pricey.  And no, I can't normally afford them. Years ago, I could.  But in a single-income family, fancy bath products are not in the budget. Fortunately, my rad brother gave me a gift card for Christmas!

Jackson didn't leave the mall empty-handed, either.

What I wouldn't give for a Lush bath bomb of that size...

We stopped to eat at the Desert Moon Grille.  They are sort of a healthy Tex-Mex place, really casual, you order at the counter and help yourself to chips and salsa.

Two kinds of salsa -- the green was hot and had a vinegary aftertaste; the red tasted like it had sugar added to it.  I didn't really care for either one, but Tony liked the green.

I had the fajita soft tacos with tofu.  They tasted really fresh and were not heavy at all, the way some Tex-Mex can be.

It's making me really happy to be able to load up pictures again.

How is your weekend going? Doing anything fun?


  1. Ooo lush! I've never had anything from there but always liked the look of their stuff. That was nice of your brother! The Mexican food looks good too. Nothing planned for me just stayin home.

  2. The little guy with his big blue purchase is cracking me up!

  3. I love Lush products--and I'm psyched for Jackson! How awesome would it be to be able to get presents that were as big as you?