Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Little Soup, A Little Cookies, A Little Pizza

Tony was able to come home for lunch today, and I made the Almost-Instant Chickpea-Tomato Soup from Vegan on the Cheap. It's one of my favorite soups to make because I always have the ingredients on hand and it's ready in minutes.

Tony said his sweet tooth was acting up, so for "dessert" I made the Oatmeal Cookies from Clean Food. I have owned this cookbook for a bit, but this is the first time I cracked it open. I dunno, I think the recipes look so simple, that I don't find them appealing. At first. Then I remind myself that simple can be really good.

These cookies are really good, anyhow. Feeling extra virtuous, I used spelt flour instead of white, and raisins in place of chocolate chips. I do think it's funny that the first thing I choose to make from a book about whole, clean foods is cookies. Well, when I said that one of my goals this month is to eat more unprocessed foods, I didn't say what those foods had to be, ha ha. Baby steps!

Tonight we were supposed to go to an event up in Rhinebeck and we were going to eat there, but it was cancelled, so we found ourselves with no plans and no dinner prepared.  We decided to go out to eat, and headed to Antonella's because Jackson always loves pizza.  I like their bruschetta pizza. Vegans don't have to specify "no cheese" because it comes topped with tomatoes, black olives, and red onion -- that's it.  Simple, yet tasty and satisfying. 

We did have some cheese, though, in the form of the easy listening music that was playing throughout our meal. I cracked up when I looked up their website and the same cheesy music started playing through my computer speakers.  Just a little warning for you there, my friends, before you click that link!

Anyone else taking on the 30 Day Challenge that I started yesterday?

We'll go with an easy one to kick off the weekend. #23 - pictures of 5 famous hot dudes!

1. Javier Bardem

2. Joaquin Phoenix*

* It should be noted I am referring to the Joaquin Phoenix pictured above. Not this Joaquin Phoenix.

3. Joel McHale

4. Christian Bale

5. Ewan McGregor

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. The soup, pizza, and cookies all look great! I'd definitely go for all three.

    I'm all for adding those to my clean eating repertoire :)

  2. I love the looks of that soup- I'm going to have to get that cook book!

    But mostly, I loved and agree with your 5 hot guys! lol...I'm glad you started with that for your 30 day challenge!

  3. I hate when that annoying music plays on sites! I like your list haha. I think we may have different tastes though :) Although Joaquin is always great :)

  4. Ok when I looked at the mac and trees recipe there was no liquid in the sauce. Is that right?

  5. Kim, thanks for bringing that to my attention! Even though that recipe I linked to says it is the mac & trees from AfR, it is NOT the same when I compare the ingredients. I'm going to remove the link. And if you want to shoot me an email, I'll be happy to send ya the correct recipe!