Thursday, January 6, 2011

12-Week Cookbook Challenge

The good news is, we got a new computer. We had the old one since about 2003, so I can't believe how speedy this new one is in comparison!  The bad news is, while setting up said new computer, we seem to have misplaced the cord to plug in my camera and download pics.  Hopefully I can find it tonight, but in the meantime I will talk about this PPK Forum cookbook challenge I'm going to sort of participate in.

The goal is to try out new recipes from our cookbook collections.  We'll be attempting to cook 3 recipes from a chosen cookbook each week for 12 weeks, starting next week.  At the beginning of each week, a new thread will be posted in the forums, where you can post your results and pictures.

Here is the schedule:

January 10 - Appetite for Reduction
January 17 - Veganomicon
January 24 - Urban Vegan
January 31 - Vegan with a Vengeance
February 7 - Eat, Drink & Be Vegan
February 14 - Free choice week - Choose any cookbook. If you want, do a dessert cookbook -- Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World or other.
February 21 - 500 Vegan Recipes
February 28 - American Vegan Kitchen
March 7 - Yellow Rose Recipes
March 14 - Viva Vegan
March 21 - Vegan Brunch
March 28 - Final Week! Free choice - choose any cookbook. If you want, do a dessert cookbook --Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar or other.

I only own about half of these cookbooks, which is why I said I'll be sort of participating.  I don't have Appetite for Reduction, so next week I might try to find some recipes that have been posted online, or I might wait and start the following week, we'll see.


  1. Sounds like a fun challenge. Too bad you can't use books you already own - I think I just have the Cupcakes from that list. But, I have a whole bunch of others. Have fun! I'm looking forward to your posts. Hope you find your picture taking stuff.

  2. Sorry you lost your camera cord, I would be having a panic attack! The challenge seems like a good time, wish I had more time during the school semester to participate. Maybe they'll make a 2nd Vegan MoFo (you know, to highlight another season's veggies...). That would be RAD :)

  3. What is the forum this will be posted in? I went and looked but did not see anything about it.

  4. Kim here is the thread about it

    I think they are starting a new thread on Monday in the Kitchen, under Food Porn maybe, for the reviews and pics.