Monday, January 24, 2011

Cookbook Challenge - Chickpea-Chili Burgers

This week, the PPK Cookbook Challenge tackles The Urban Vegan. I'm testing recipes for Dynise Balcavage's next book, so it was fun to go back and try a recipe from her first offering.

Jackson was eager to help by adding the ingredients to the food processor (which is not plugged in...I can just see my mom freaking out over this pic so I thought I should point that out!)

And, by now y'all know how Olivia usually loves to supervise in the kitchen...but today she was caught up in a book.

The Chickpea-Chili Burgers are an economical alternative to store-bought vegan burgers. Roasted red peppers and chili powder give the burgers a slightly spicy, sweet flavor.  I made mine too wet and they were kind of sticky to handle, but they turned out OK.

The next day I formed the leftover mixture into small patties and ate them on pita bread, like falafels. I liked them even better this way.


  1. Mmm... Those look good. We go through a lot of chickpeas in our house but this is the first time I've seen chickpea burgers -- they look like something I'll have to try.

  2. I think this sounds amazing! When can we get the recipe?? When will the testing be over.

  3. viv - we're testing through march -- not sure when the new book comes out. but these burgers are actually from the first book! and i found the recipe online so you can have them now :)

  4. Everything looks so good, but especially your adorable little angels! Those cheeks!! I'm not sayin' I want my 17- and 13-year olds to start having babies anytime soon, but whenever it happens I guess I'll be a doting (obsessed) granny! I know that age is a handful, but how sweet! and it goes so fast. Seems like yesterday for me. Keep up the good work!

  5. As always, your food looks so good. And the kids cute as ever.