Friday, January 14, 2011

Quinoa Puttanesca

As part of the PPK's Cookbook Challenge, I made another Appetite for Reduction recipe for lunch: Quinoa Puttanesca.  As I got the ingredients ready, I exclaimed what a genius idea it is. I mean, puttanesca sauce is like the most flavorful sauce in existence, with its kalamata olives, capers, and red pepper flakes. Therefore it is the perfect sauce to dump all over a bland bowl of quinoa and transform it into something great.  The recipe says four servings, but for us, it was two. It was that good.

 For dinner, we saw the return of Kale Pizza with Garlic Sauce.  This time, I subbed sliced zucchini for the potato. I sauteed the zucchini right along with the mushrooms and layered it on the pizza with plenty of steamed kale on top. The kale gets so nice and crispy in the oven.

Did you see that the zodiac signs have changed? I was a Sagittarius, and the traits of the centaur archer seemed to fit me pretty well.  Apparently I'm now an Ophiuchus. I don't even know how to pronounce that. And the only information I can find on the snake wrestler's traits (snake wrestler, seriously) that we should pursue medical professions.
Do you have a new zodiac sign? Do you care either way?


  1. My goodness that Puttanesca looks wonderful! I think I may have to try that over some spaghetti squash. Tonight.

    I am also suddenly an Ophiuchus. However, I saw a CNN article that says if you follow Western astrology, then it probably doesn't affect us. I am, and will always be a true Sagittarius. : )

  2. Wow! Looks great! I love cooking with Quinoa.

  3. Oh, boy, Sara! These both look so good. I'm inspired. I got a kindle for christmas, but I guess that wouldn't be a good way to buy a cookbook, huh? (turns off automatically, no color photos etc.) Might have to go find that App for Reduction book.

  4. The puttanesca looks so good, it all does.

    Nope I don't care about the zodiac, I like to think I am my own person.

  5. Hello tastiness! That is it, I am heading out tomorrow to buy the darn book. Enough stalking for me, I am ready to make a commitment.
    I think your food is lovely!