Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 7: Heroes

Jackson is my hero because he will try and try until he can do anything and everything he wants to do. Like blowing bubbles. The determination contained within this small body is unstoppable.

Olivia is my hero because she thinks she is six feet tall and made of steel. Do not mess with this girl. As you can see, she is also literally a superhero.

Lauren Ulm is my hero today for introducing me to Japanese 7-spice, via her recipe in Vegan Yum Yum for Udon Noodles with Japanese 7-Spice.

She calls it Shichimi Togarashi, and all I could find was Nanami Togarashi. As far as I can tell they are the same thing except the Shichimi contains poppy seed, and Nanami doesn't. So maybe mine is Japanese 6-spice? It's unclear. But the resulting meal was awesome(x7.)



  1. never had Japanese 7 Spice but I love that cookbook - love the superhero outfit! your comments about jackson remind me of my mum's comment about babies wanting to sit up, stand and walk when they could just lie there - we sometimes forget how much motivation there is in all of us. Always great to see kids' determination to remind us of it.

    1. I love the cookbook too, I really wish she'd continued to blog.