Monday, September 29, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 21: The Pumpkining

It is that time of year where pumpkin-flavored everything starts to find its way into my pantry. Olivia and I popped into Trader Joe's this morning and came home with pumpkin bagels, as well as hummus salad dressing.

 The bagels are delish smeared with Follow Your Heart cream cheese and apple butter.

And of course hummus salad dressing was made for me. Easy salad of iceberg, spinach, dried cranberries and pepitas.

We also brought this home.

Olivia's and my love of Brussels knows no bounds, and she'd never seen them on the stalk before.

We roasted them with a little olive oil, maple syrup and dijon mustard until they were nice and caramelized. I admit, I will snack on these cold, right out of the fridge.

We also stopped by World Market. I eagerly await their Halloween offerings each year. They always have cute stuff. I grabbed a couple of bags of pasta.

I also bought these tortilla chips, mainly for the Mark Ryden-esque baby vampire on the package.


Plus, a treat for mama -- sugar free Torani pumpkin pie syrup.  Now I'll make my own PSL's; no need for Starbucks' 500-calorie version.

For dinner, a Pinterest find -- Spicy Peas Curry with a side of garlic naan. I loved the fresh tomato flavor in this pea curry.

A rare moment of sibling love, captured on film. Love my two little pumpkins.

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