Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 14: Ballerina

Along with Jackson playing soccer this year, Olivia has started a new combination ballet/tap class. 

Being busy and active, I want to make sure they are eating the right kinds of foods. Children their age need snacks, but I don't want them filling up on empty calories. That's why I'm thrilled to have finally found a granola bar they both love, that doesn't come from Costco or contain a bunch of unnatural ingredients: Oh She Glows' Classic Glo Bars. Unlike a lot of bar recipes we've tried, these are chewy, rather than hard or crumbly. And they're filled with healthy stuff like chia seeds and pepitas.

 Olivia's lunch. Black beans, peanut butter "quesadilla," banana and grapes.

She was so excited to attend her first class.

A little nervous in new surroundings.

But when it was all over, she was doing poses for me and didn't want to take her leotard off.

For dinner we had Falafel Tacos with Sriracha Tahini Sauce, a Pinterest find from one of my favorite cooking blogs, Keepin' It Kind. In my opinion there is no wrong way to eat falafel, so I loved this fusion-style recipe.

Also, oven-baked pickle chips. I looooove to order fried pickles at the movies, but these are slightly healthier and every bit as good!

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