Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 18: Improv

Today Olivia was able to attend a childrens' improv class at a local comedy clob, ColdTowne Theater. The instructor was fabulous with the kids and they all got into it, pretending to be spiders, robots, and flowers sprouting from seeds.

Reaching their petals up towards the sun!

Afterwards, my friend Carey invited us over for lunch, so we brought along some peanut butter cookies that we'd whipped up that morning. The recipe is from Vive le Vegan and it's the best one I've come across. They have a nice hint of saltiness, and bits of creamy peanut butter throughout.

For dinner I made Ginger Coconut Green Linguine. I loved the idea of using chard and spinach along with basil to make the pesto sauce, and it was really simple and delicious! Can be a lightning-fast weeknight dinner if you have washed your greens beforehand.

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