Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 12: Day to Day

6:30 wake-up = bedhead and sleepy Mr. Potato Head play before school. Also, artwork. I think Jackson finds making art calming. Some mornings he will ask for a pen and paper as soon as he gets out of bed. And after a long day at kindergarten, he will come home and tell me he just wants to relax and do some drawing, or build his Legos.

I had some apple butter in the fridge, so I made this Maple Walnut Apple Butter Oatmeal. More of a suggestion than a recipe, a very easy and tasty breakfast.

Olivia and I did our weekly grocery shopping. We picked up a few extra goodies, too. Kombucha, served hot? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm very curious how it will taste. I forgot to bring a snack for Olivia, so we shared a pack of Vega savi seeds in the car. Kind of like peanut M&M's but the savi seeds have an earthier flavor than peanuts, similar to hempseeds.

I had heard about these cotton candy grapes, so I picked up a package. I wouldn't say they taste exactly like cotton candy, but definitely sweeter and less tart than a regular green grape.

I thought I might start sharing some of Olivia's lunches. With just one kid at home, I actually have time to photograph them! Whole wheat bread with peanut butter, cotton candy grapes, cucumber, and grilled corn.

Sauerkraut gazpacho for dinner -- the Pinterest find of the day, in keeping with my somewhat neglected Vegan MoFo theme. Homemade sauerkraut from Tony's coworker added a nice zip to the tomato soup.

Later I sipped on some Cocozia coconut water, which the company very kindly sent me for review. I think it's one of the better coconut waters out of there as it's organic, not from concentrate (some are!) and has no added sugar, resulting in a light, mild flavor. I'm eager to try using it in smoothies, too!

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