Friday, September 5, 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 5: Science and Sushi

For breakfast I made the kids (and me) some blueberry pancakes.

Then we were off to the Thinkery for some water play.

And circuitry play.

And light play.

And culinary play.

Later, Tony joined us at Hanabi for some sushi. We shared a bowl of edamame while we waited for our entrees.

Olivia commandeered the edamame.

I ordered the bento meal, which came with a starter of miso soup.

My cute and colorful meal included salad with carrot-ginger dressing, fruit, veggie tempura, agedashi (lightly fried soft tofu) over rice, veggie spring roll, and veggie sushi roll. It was all super tasty. Just make sure to specify no bonito (fish flakes). The server said they typically will garnish the agedashi tofu with bonito because I guess they somehow consider it vegetarian? I dunno.

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