Monday, June 16, 2014

T-Rex Invasion

Breakfast was a peach and a banana, covered in almond milk and raw chocolate granola. A nice alternative to my usual oats.

This afternoon my friend Jennifer and I took our kids to see the T-Rex at Zilker Park. He was visiting the park as a promotion for a show coming up at the Long Center.

In the crowd there seemed to be a ratio of about 3/4 laughing/amazed kids to 1/4 crying/running away kids. Jackson and Olivia saw the T-Rex last year, so they knew what to expect.

Daring to relax in the park after the T-Rex lumbered off elsewhere.

For dinner I covered a base of polenta with sauteed onions, mushrooms and spinach, and marinara sauce. You can't really see the polenta in this pic but it was totally there.

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