Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Big Stacy Pool

The red yuccas are in full bloom in our front yard. I know summer's not officially here, but it feels like it is!

Smoothie bowl to start the day...kale, avocado, cherries, almond milk, raw cacao protein powder, chlorella, maca powder, topped with raw chocolate granola. The avo made it super creamy like a pudding. 

The Austin pools are starting to open. Big Stacy pool (yeah, there's also a Little Stacy pool) opened earlier than most of the others, for some reason. Some don't open until next week. We couldn't wait to cool off in the water!

We came home to find a package on the porch from Graze, a snack box delivery service. I had the opportunity to sample a free box.

You can go on their website and customize your box. They offer over 90 different snack selections. If you sign up for their delivery, each box costs $6 and comes with four different snacks. I received a savory snack mix (similar to Chex Mix), dried apples with caramel dip, black pepper cashews, and a chocolate orange "flapjack" (oatmeal bar). All the snacks were delish and I liked that the nutritional information was on each individual package.

For dinner I made Roasted Potato and Fennel Soup from Isa Does It. Simple, understated roasted veggie flavor. Kind of gloopy texture...I overblended it, maybe? I threw some Bac-O's on top cause I'm classy like that.

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