Thursday, June 12, 2014

McKinney Falls

Today we headed out to McKinney Falls State Park for some recharging in nature.

We parked near the Upper Falls, just gorgeous.

The kids explored for a bit, noticing how the running water had left all kinds of cool indentations in the rocks over time.

Then we took a short, scenic hike...

past some 1800's ruins...

through fields of wildflowers...

to the Lower Falls.

The rocks were super slippery!

We found a little swimmin' hole to cool down in. Next time we will bring our swimsuits, haha!

It felt so good to sit and soak my feet and listen to the rushing water. Do you believe in the benefits of earthing? I do!

When we got home, I made a pot of hearty vegetable soup with red quinoa, barley, chickpeas, carrots and zucchini.

Where is your favorite spot in nature?

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  1. Wow beautiful pictures! I have been reading you're blog for a few years and I really enjoy you're posts! And you're kids are getting so big! My favorite spot in nature is magnuson park in Seattle.