Thursday, June 26, 2014

Richard Simmons and Pizza

Home Slice, where they bend over backwards to occupy your children for you until your food is ready so you can sip a beer. Love you, Home Slice.

Here is what Jackson was intently coloring, by the way.

If Mr. Simmons is too freaky for your kids, there is always pizza dough to mold and shape.

Family salad with garlic knots.

Large pizza, half cheese, half margarita.

Later, gin and tonics for my World Cup viewing. 


  1. Who are you rooting for in the Cup?

    1. I was for Spain based on the totally shallow reason that they are the hottest. Hehe! Since they're out, I'm rooting for Mexico, because their coach cracks me up and I really want to see him to experience a win.