Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Big Day for J

Jackson graduated from pre-K today.

He was a little excited!

We are so proud of our buddy, who has learned so much and had so many fun experiences in his three years of preschool. In the fall, he is off to kindergarten, and Olivia will start pre-K with the same wonderful teacher Jackson had.

After the graduation ceremony and luncheon, we were off to karate class, where Jackson tested for his green belt.

For all his hard work, we went out to dinner to celebrate. We were in the mood for pizza and decided to try Sagra. We started with some bread and olive oil.

Sagra has an entire separate vegan menu. I had the veggie pizza topped with their own vegan cheese that they make in-house. Our knowledgeable server said it's made with cashews and soy. I liked it -- it reminded me of buffalo mozzarella. 

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  1. doesn't he look cute? and where does time go? :) a whole vegan menu???? maybe I need to move to the US, I'm envious the pizza looks great!