Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spring Oklahoma Trip

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies, and also to the single mamas who cover both roles! We will be taking Tony out for lunch a little later to celebrate his day. He is such a good daddy, he makes life with our two goofballs so much fun.

We spent last weekend in Oklahoma with my mother-in-law. I was excited that some new reading materials arrived in the mail before we left, so I could peruse them on the 7-hour drive.

"How are we going to go all weekend without kombucha?" asked my newly-addicted husband. Haha! As if! I picked up a variety of drinks to bring with us. Townshend's Tea white rose flavor was especially tasty. (I also got the kids an Evolution strawberry lemonade to share in the car.)

Road trip chow: Food Should Taste Good kimchi chips, and a Tom's Tabooley falafel wrap.

It was a relaxing visit, as usual. 

My mother-in-law babysat one evening so Tony and I could have a date night. We drove into OKC to eat at Iguana. I love how their bowls of salsa are ginormous. It's like they know us.

Frozen swirl, the ultimate summer drink.

Veggie nachos. OK, you can't really see the veggies. But underneath the cheese, there were tons of sauteed bell peppers and zucchini, as well as rice and tomato sauce. A full meal in nacho form.

Due to World Cup fever, and moving, I'm going to fall behind in posting for the next month or so. Sorry! Soccer is the only sport I actually enjoy watching.

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