Monday, March 4, 2013


Last week, the T-Rex from Erth Dinosaur Petting Zoo made a stomping, roaring visit to Zilker Park. Of course I had to take my little dinosaur aficionados to see him in up-close and in person. 

Jackson and his buddy couldn't believe their eyes.

T-Rex, coming through! His hands may be tiny, but he's still a scary sight!

Olivia maintained a safe distance beside a sign which she employed as a protective shield.

Other children were not so concerned with self-preservation.

After T. Rex lumbered off to his next appointment, we found ourselves with dino-sized appetites. Austin's Pizza is a favorite lunch spot for us, thanks to its playscape. That is my #1 tip for dining with children, right there. Always look for the playscape.

Black olive pizza for the kids.

Spinach mushroom pizza rolls for Mama.

So, I'm still finishing up testing for Joni, and I've been having so much fun, I didn't want the fun to end. So I've started testing recipes for Celine Steen and Tami Noyes' new finger foods cookbook! Here are my first attempts.

Green Beans Jal-frezi...lovely green beans cooked in a curry tomato sauce.

Brussels Sprouts with Browned and decadent. Who know brussels sprouts could taste like a treat?

Mediterranean Stuffed Mushrooms...barley and pine nuts give this filling a nice, chewy texture.

Antipasta Stuffed Tofu many delicious flavors contained within these little shells, I couldn't even begin to list them all off.

Can't wait to share more with you!

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