Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Central Market

Today we met some friends for lunch at Central Market. They make a tasty Greek salad, complete with stuffed grape leaves and plenty of kalamata olives.

Jackson and Olivia shared a pizza, also with kalamatas.

This evening we messed around with the ice cream maker some more. This time I followed the vanilla ice cream recipe from The Vegan Scoop, which uses a soy creamer base.

 I added dark chocolate balsamic vinegar and fresh blackberries. The result had a better texture than the frozen yogurt we made before, but it had a sort of plastic-y flavor that I did not care for. I think this came from the soy creamer, so I'll need to try out some other brands or maybe try coconut creamer next time.

The kids had no complaints, and experimenting is fun. By summer, we will have perfected our homemade ice cream recipe!


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    1. thank you elle! i'm following you now, too :)