Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tempura Time

My latest tester recipe for Joni, Sesame Sriracha Tempura Veggies, sounded so good that I tried it three different ways for today's lunch.

Asparagus - awesome! 

Cauliflower - cool!

Brussels sprouts - bad idea? I should've halved them, maybe. Not Joni's fault. 

I'm getting really good at frying things, which is good for my culinary confidence, yet bad for my thighs. To strive for a bit of balance, dinner was a green smoothie. Extremely green, thanks to a huge amount of spirulina powder. It also contained banana, chia seeds, vanilla, and stevia. I realized tonight that I don't actually like bananas in a smoothie. Luckily, I just bought a 30-lb. bag of frozen blueberries at Costco (not really, but close enough), so I will still be able to have my smoothies, banana-free.

Today was Jackson's last soccer lesson. He has had such a great time.

We will be signing him up again for spring. Soccer is a great sport for young kids. He is learning a lot about sportsmanship and being on a team.

I joked when Jackson was growing in my tummy that he would love soccer, because he kicked me constantly. Looks like my premonition was right! 

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  1. Oh, you just posted! :) I'm catching up on my reading. I never get to eat fried foods; that looks so good. I always do the same thing - if I eat fried, then I eat fruit or smoothie at the next meal. :)