Thursday, March 28, 2013


On Saturday we used a Groupon for lunch at El Chato, a unique Mexican eatery on the east side. Unique because you dine on a bus.

A bus driven by a lucha libre wrestler, I might add.

There's outdoor seating as well. The food is prepared in a separate trailer.

We started with thick-cut tortilla chips and three kinds of salsa.

The kids amused themselves on the playscape while we waited for our food to arrive.

We had to wait quite awhile, and my rajas poblanas were lukewarm when they came out. The flavor was good, though. The restaurant hasn't been open that long, so hopefully they will be able to speed things up once they get more established. I would love to go back since it is such a cute spot and a great place to take kids, in spite of the wait.

After lunch, we went to check out HONK!TX, a gathering of street bands from all over the country. 

The DMC brass band was Jackson's and my favorite. Why?

Because they are zombies! Ha! My favorite guy was just a torso being carried around buy a zombie. Yet somehow he could still play his trombone.

Next, we checked out a New Orleans percussian band called BateBunda. They were pretty amazing.

After taking a lap of the park to check out some other bands, it became clear that Olivia was tired, so we headed home. Dinner was another cucumber bagel, this time with avocado. Thanks to Shen, this is going to be my default meal. So good.

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