Friday, February 22, 2013


Recently we tried a new-to-us lunch spot, Sazon. Their online menu looked pretty awesome, with a whole section "para vegetarianos." However, once we were seated and handed our menus, I became confused. I couldn't find the vegetarian items. The only veggie entree I saw was grilled vegetables. I'm sorry, but I don't come to a Mexican restaurant to eat grilled vegetables. I asked the waiter what was up and he said that the menu had recently been changed and apologized for the website not being updated. I asked him if they could possibly make one of the vegetarian entrees I'd seen on the website, such as spinach enchiladas. He checked with the kitchen and said yes, they could accomodate. So that was cool of them. And the enchiladas were quite good -- generously stuffed with steamed spinach, and covered in a tasty red sauce. That being said, I doubt I'll return, since I don't like having to request special meals because there's nothing I can eat off the menu.

After lunch, the kids and I attended a birthday party for a sweet little school mate of Jackson's. There was a special guest at the party and I just had to get a couple pics.

Jackson and Olivia were posted up at the food table for pretty much the entire party. Nevermind that we had just eaten lunch.  Two words -- growth spurt! Either that, or the lure of all-you-can-eat Pirate Booty was too much to resist. 

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  1. Why would they change the menu to be LESS vegetarian friendly? That's annoying and so backward! I don't like requesting off-menu dishes either.