Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today the kids and I visited a grocery store with a unique, "green" concept. It's called in.gredients, and the idea is that you bring your own containers. For everything. The majority of the store's offerings are found in bulk bins. You bring in your own reusable jars or bags and fill them with just the amount you need. You can also bring in empty dish detergent containers and refill them from metal tureens. Same with shampoo.  

There's a lovely garden area out front, as well as a playscape.

Some friends joined us for lunch. There's a deli counter offering locally-made pizza, empanadas, bagels, etc.  We watched the kids play while we enjoyed a relaxed meal at a nearby picnic table.

Rosemary sea salt bagel from Rock Star Bagels, with smoked black bean hummus.

Breakfast empanada with egg and potato from Mmmpanadas.

Vegan apple fritter from Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery.

Pretty pink iced tea to drink.

When we got home, Jackson and Olivia claimed they were still hungry (growth spurt!) so I made one of their all-time favorite treats, Averie Sunshine's chocolate chip protein balls. I used chocolate hemp protein powder, so these were double-chocolate balls. 

And now I'll show amazing restraint by ending the post with nary a ball joke. Have a good day, guys.


  1. What a unique store! I love that idea. Lunch looks great, too.

  2. Wow. NOTHING like that in WY. There is only one vegetarian restaurant in the whole state.

  3. Oh, I've heard of that store! my friend lived in Austin for a while and was going to get a job there. Very cool idea. Way beyond even "bring yr own bag."

  4. love the idea of fill your own containers - as long as there's no way people's possibly dirty fingers can touch the produce:)