Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pierced Ears

Olivia has been asking to get her ears pierced for some time. Her pediatrician recommended waiting until age five so that Olivia could better understand how to care for the piercings and keep them clean. Well, Olivia is five now. And at her recent wellness visit, she got her ears pierced! She was very brave, and now she is counting down the days until she is allowed to change out the studs and wear earrings that express her personality. For example, she informed me that she really wants a pair of taco earrings

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that Olivia and I always seem to pick up a few goodies while we are out running errands. Here are some recent treats.

Buddha's Brew kombucha. I couldn't pass up Tangerine and Sea Salt!

Kosmic Kombucha in a more traditional flavor, Ginger Spice. I love both of these local kombucha brewers! Don't make me choose! Haha.

From Rabbit Food Grocery, some mozzarella Teese to try on pizza, and a vegan raspberry zinger (the company, Dillos, also makes vegan Twinkies!)

Also from Rabbit Food, some gelatin-free gummy worms and fruit chews (you can see the kids had already torn into them when I snapped this pic), and Big Island Organics gingerade mate. This drink was super-heavy on the ginger if that's what you're into (and I am!)

From Trader Joe's, Goddess dressing, Mandarin orange faux chicken, some very Gardein-esque chicken tenders, baby carrots, and sliced watermelon.

Soccer snacks: peanut butter dark chocolate Kind bars, juice pouches, and mandarin oranges.

Chips ahoy! First, two new Kettle flavors, Pepperoncini and Red Curry. 

And some local Paqui tortilla chips, in roasted jalapeno and grilled habanero flavors. 

Chillin' on the Whole Foods patio, one of our frequent hangouts. Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery maple donut and Suja green juice for mama (they cancel each other out, dontcha know!) Lavender donut and apple for my shopping buddy.

I feel like this post needs to end with some Jackson to balance things out.

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  1. How exciting about the pierced ears! I remember how excited I was to get them done around that age. Mom/daughter hang outs are the best. And those donuts sound soooo good, I've been wanting some lately but there aren't many options where I live. I'll have to make some myself soon.