Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baking Practice

More baking practice today with Olivia. She's into it. She says she is going to open a bakery when she grows up. Ah! That would be nice.

Today we made salted caramel cupcakes. Salted caramel is everywhere right now, it seems like. For the frosting, you make real caramel on the stovetop, then mix in powdered sugar. I think these are our best cupcakes yet.

We had breakfast-for-dinner: tofu scramble (cubes this time, which I think I actually prefer!), and Vegan Diner biscuits and sage gravy. This was my first time ever having biscuits and gravy! I am a fan!

My biscuits rose. Woohoo!

Reading also takes practice.

Dressing like a princess helps with memorizing sight words. Fact.

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