Friday, April 10, 2015

Field Trippin'

Last week, Olivia and I accompanied Jackson's class on their spring field trip to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. We arrived before the school bus, so she took a turn on the bounce pillow while we waited for the kindergarteners to show up.

The strawberries were ripe for the pickin', and each kid got to bring home a carton.

Jackson had a mantra. "The redder, the better!" he kept saying.

Olivia got to pick, too.

The kids also carefully released ladybugs into the strawberry patch. The ladybugs kill the aphids who destroy the plants.

Next the class got to feed the goats. One of them was extremely eager for his snack.

One goat was snacking on what looked like a giant hunk of butter. I'm not sure what it was! I should have asked.

That evening, the kids ate up their strawberries while I made a quick dinner, the pasta carbonara with tempeh bacon from Urban Vegan.

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