Monday, April 27, 2015

Gymnastics and Fennel

Really loving fresh raspberries right now. This morning I had a smoothie bowl (banana, soy milk, spirulina, cocoa powder, stevia) topped with coconut, hempseeds and raspberries.

It was parent observation day at gymnastics, so I was allowed to go into the gym and Olivia led me around and showed me everything she's been working on.

She can do a full flip on the rings, little monkey.

On the low bar, too.

Her little arms are definitely getting stronger!

The trampoline is her favorite.

For dinner I made the Chickpea and Fennel Soup from 1000 Vegan Recipes. It was lovely! All the parts of the fennel are used so you get a nice contrast between the wispy fronds, crisp celery-like stems, and the fennel bulb which goes so buttery soft when sauteed, plus a kick from smoky ground fennel.

From the same book, I made chocolate chip cookies, and they were probably the best ones I've ever made! The recipe calls for only brown sugar, which makes them really soft and chewy.

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  1. The chickpea-fennel soup shot is so beautiful! I love fennel, I know lots of people don't, but I would slurp that whole thing.
    Also fantastic breakfast bowl. It seems more fun to serve smoothies in a bowl rather than a glass...more room for toppings :)